Andy is able to keep my body in alignment so I can function.  Immediate relief after every visit.  He is so great in relieving my body pain that I trust him with my competitive barrel horses too!

Patti – Ignacio, CO

This has been the maintenance that I have needed since my motorcycle accident back in 1994.  Chiropractic care is the other side of the coin for fitness to help me stay in shape.  I am so thankful for Andy Lake’s approach.  I recommend him to anyone.

Kalvin Evans – Bayfield, CO

I am a concrete contractor and have had many chiropractic visits to many doctors.  There have been good ones and bad!  Dr. Lake is a good one who has relieved my suffering many times to include a knee that has always given me trouble and a whiplash injury that happened in a car accident.  Dr. Lake has always relieved my pain and has always been so professional in his practice.

Wade Horn – Bayfield, CO

In 2001, I was in a car wreck and received multiple injuries and surgeries for thoracic outlet syndrome.  I get great relief from a monthly massage and chiropractic adjustment.  Andy Lake has helped me with spine and neck problems through two pregnancies, and through raising two children.  Thanks for keeping me well adjusted and for helping adjust my frame of mind.  Great office, great staff, great adjustments! You will be in good hands!

Natalie Horn-Howard – Bayfield, CO

I can walk again without pain in my feet.

CJ – Bayfield, CO

It helps me after being thrown from my snowmobile when hitting an under snow obstacle or after getting stuck and digging my or someone else’s sled out.  It also helps when I have lifted something heavy and strained my back or shoulders by getting me back in place and allowing me to function without pain.

Roger Pennington – Bayfield, CO

It has helped to reduce pain and increased flexibility in general and overall improvement in my quality of life.

Wayne – Ignacio, CO

I do private housekeeping for a living and chiropractic treatment keeps my body in good condition as I consistently come in for adjustments.  It also helps keep my energy clear, of course, as I am dealing with a lot of others’ energies.  I experience much less pain in my body and more clarity overall as a result.  Dr. Lake’s style is very gentle and effective.

Renee – Bayfield, CO

My first experience with chiropractic care came after I was rear-ended by a semi-trailer on the freeway in Denver.  I was scared because I had grown up hearing scary stories about chiropractor visits but I had severe whiplash that needed treatment.  That was over 30 years ago.  I’ve seen many chiropractors through the years and Dr. Andy Lake is in the top percentage of those who have treated me.  He is very caring and concerned, willing to listen, offer expert & educated advice and treatment plans and will go out of his way to accommodate his patients.  Besides all that, he is just an all-around good guy!

Jeanie Widner – Durango, CO

I sustained serious back and neck injuries several years ago.  Were it not for Dr. Lake and his attentive and knowledgeable care, I wouldn’t be able to live the active and normal life I do.  Dr. Lake and his staff are always pleasant and friendly as well as extremely helpful.  I have and will continue to recommend Lake Chiropractic to family and friends with complete confidence.

Jake Yeager – Durango, CO

Chiropractic has helped me heal from a car accident.  It has loosened my body and I now feel as good as new.  Thank you Dr. Lake!

Sarah T. – Bayfield, CO